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The Right Receiver for the Right Fit

3 power options

All Open-Fit and Behind the Ear models offers tremendous flexibility, convenience, and very small size. In addition to the standard and power receiver options, BTEH introduces a new SuperPower receiver. With its impressive electroacoustic performance of 71 dB Gain and 136 dB Output (2cc) it extends the fitting range of BTEH, so all profound hearing losses can be accommodated.

Telecoil is present in the models ending with B.

A wide range of instant and custom coupling options provides the flexibility to satisfy each client

with great sound quality, superior comfort, stable retention, and long-term reliability. A custom shell is available in both hard and soft versions.

It is digitally produced using the most advanced custom manufacturing process in the industry. In

order to achieve the smallest size and highest fit rate, a special shell was designed specifically for

the new SuperPower xReceiver.